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Save us all from a Hope Tree that has lost the faculty of putting out blossoms, 2012

Seerveld Gallery. Trinity College, Palos Heights, IL. Four channel video projection, three sound domes. Dimensions variable by installation. With Natasha Pestich. Based on a little-known incident, Natasha and I responded to the “Rededication Ceremony” for Glenwood Avenue in Minneapolis in 1963. At this point in time, a small strip of “mom and pop stores” proposed the idea of reinventing themselves as an  “Old Town” district, for the purpose of generating traffic from the downtown to this area. With the support of Mayor Naftalin, the neighborhood businesses got their constituencies together for a ribbon-cutting event to celebrate this idea, along with a local TV personality, the Mayor, a barbershop quartet and other performers. But shortly thereafter, the city ended up claiming this area by “eminent domain” to build a thoroughfare, effectively closing many of these same businesses. Using found video clips and stock sound effects, this project builds on those ideas of aspiration, expectation, and unfulfilled promises by creating metaphorical narratives with animals and insects whose habitat and ritual mirror some of our own. These narratives are created partly through the combination of familiar, prototypical sounds and moving images, and partly by the viewer’s personal associations with those sounds and images. The videos are on a loop, reinforcing both the endlessly repeating nature of cultural habit and our infinite capacity to dream.


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